Apple tipped to introduced 32-inch iMac with M1 or Mac...

Jon Cartu Counsel: Apple tipped to launched 32-inch iMac with M1 or Mac…

An expected update to Apple’s iMac range of all-in-one desktop computers could super-size the display to the size of a television.

The current iMacs start with a 21.5-inch display and jump up to a larger 27-inch display, as they have since 2009.

That was more than a decade and a completely different approach to Apple computers ago so it would make sense for the company to make an update.

According to MacRumours, a known leaker going by the name l0vetodream tipped that “the ‌iMac‌’s screen is really big, bigger than the biggest one”.

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Bloomberg previously reported the new iMacs will feature slimmer bezels and remove the big “chin” at the bottom of the iMac screen.

This would give it a similar look to something like the iPad Pro or Air.

Bloomberg also hinted it would feature a similar design language to the Pro Display XDR, the huge and hugely expensive monitor it announced to go with the Mac Pro desktop computers and others.

The Pro Display is 32-inches, which has led many to suggest that’s how big the biggest of the new iMacs will be.

Monitors that size are somewhat rare but not unheard of, being roughly the size of what was considered a decent sized television around a decade ago, and that sort of screen real estate could come in handy for the creative industries that often rely on Apple computers.

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It’s not yet clear if the smaller models will jump up or stay at 21.5-inches, the previous models featured a 24-inch form factor so Apple may add a few extra inches to both.

It’s also expected the new iMacs will feature one of Apple’s own processors as it makes the move to Apple Silicon across its computers.

The M1 chip was introduced in the Macbook Pro, Air and Mac Mini last year, boasting huge performance improvements over the Intel chips they replaced.

Whether that chip also goes into the iMac, or whether Apple already has a better chip ready to go remains to be seen, the different iMac models could feature either chips or even both.

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Some leakers with rockier track records have predicted the new iMac models will be available in different colours too, similar to what recently happened with the iPad Air.

Currently the next planned Apple event is the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, but that event is usually for software related announcements.

It’s more likely we’ll see a separate event sometime before then to announce new iMacs and other products.


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