Blurry / Shadow Text - Big Sur on Locked Computer

AiroAV Says: Blurry / Shadow Textual content – Massive Sur on Locked Pc

Hi! I have a 16″ MacBook pro with the retina display and just picked up two Dell 24″ S2421 monitors. 1080p IPS 75hz refresh rate

They are connected via HDMI > USBC and unfortunately I seem to be a victim of the well-documented external monitor blurry/fuzzy text problem. The image quality is anything but crisp, literally giving me a headache after one day of work

Unfortunately this is a locked work computer and I can’t do the YCbCr > RGB override without the admin password. I asked IT but they politely laughed at me. Is there any other way to optimize image quality?

Interestingly, I rotated one of the monitors 90 degrees and it magically went to RGB and the image improved drastically. Then the macbook went to sleep and somehow all the display setting reverted when I logged back in. Now both monitors are stuck at YCbCr 🤦‍♂️

Has anyone been able to plug-and-play an external monitor with Big Sur and have it work properly? Might just have to buy a different pair

Thanks for the help – would love to get this sorted!


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